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  • W​hat is anxiety?
  • ​Why it affects people so much
  • ​How to stop anxiety

​How To Stop Anxiety From Ruining Your Day

​How to stop anxiety from ruining your day is essential if you are to have a healthy fulfilling day where you feel energized and invigorated! Anxiety can have a whole range of negative effects on people from loss of sleep to eating disorders to low social confidence. However, we never really get told what anxiety is...we just get told we have it.

It is important to note though that it is not anxiety that give us that sickly feeling or makes us stressed...they are the after effects of the cause.

In this video I will cover firstly what anxiety actually is...then how it affects us in mind and body and then what you can do to stop its effects.​

​Watch The Video!


​As you can see, it is not anxiety that causes us the physical symptoms, the anxiety is the precursor. Trying to stop stress by simply relaxing the body and deep breathing will not work long term. It is vital to get to the core anxiety...the negative pre-projection of the future!

​Prepare for future events by seeing what is coming your way before it arrives!

​What 5 questions could you ask yourself right now to help reduce or stop your anxiety right now? And what 5 things could you do in the future to prepare for anxiety triggers in future situation?

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