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How To ​​Communicate With Challenging People

The ​Key To Understanding the Inner Mindset of Challenging & Controlling People To Create a Win-Win !
Taught to Thousands of Students Over 15 Years


Are You Having These Challenges?

Q: Do you find yourself having the same emotionally challenging people drain your energy , but do not know how to stop them?
Q: Do you find yourself feeling emotionally overwhelmed or thinking about conversations for hours or days after?
Q: Do you ever feel anxiety thinking about going to work or talking to certain friends or your partner?

​No matter how polite or thoughtful of other people we aim to be, sooner or later we will meet a challenging person. The way these people gain power over others is by using covert emotional manipulations designed to trigger emotional discomfort in their target. However, they do not just pick their targets randomly​, there is much more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye​ you will see in this course!



​All About You

​Create a powerful foundation and self confidence in this module by gaining true clarity of the situation. Here you will also create specific outcomes to empower your focus!

  1. ​Gain clarity on the full situation.
  2. ​Become present tense with your emotions.
  3. Create clear and specific outcomes.
  4. ​Discover underlying anxieties that trigger you.
  5. ​Learn the areas that hold 90% of people back.


​The 4 Control Dramas

​A control drama is designed to overpower another persons emotional insecurity. In this module you will discover the four main ones which are hiding in the shadows.

  1. ​Discover w​hat makes a person attack another.
  2. ​Learn how attackers are not as powerful as they appear.
  3. ​Gain a full awareness of the 4 main control dramas.
  4. ​What each control requires in their target.
  5. ​How ​recognise it when control dramas are mixed.


​Are You Attracting Them?

​Although it can appear that other people mindlessly attack, there is always a method in their projection. In this module we will observe any magnets you may be carrying.

  1. ​To take a details look at who is in your life.
  2. How to asses each person and their energy.
  3. ​Check which drama triggers you the most.
  4. ​How to recognise your triggers before they do.
  5. ​Essential strategies to drop the magnet.


​Strategically Protect Yourself

​It is essential to protect your energy and mindset if you are going to have effective communication. Knowing 'how to talk' ​can be ineffective if you trigger under pressure. 

  1. ​Understanding the Islands 1 & 2 mindset.
  2. ​Why making errors is not always a bad thing.
  3. ​A full range of practical energy saving techniques.
  4. ​How to turn your anxiety into strength.
  5. ​How you can grow from being attacked.


​Communication With The 4 Styles

​With the foundations in place we now cover a very comprehensive structure of how to communicate and create a win-win with each of the four control dramas in the moment.

  1. ​How to keep your focus in the moment.
  2. ​How to recognise the control dramas 'off switch'.
  3. A step by step guide to each of the four dramas.
  4. ​Knowing when and how to keep going or move away.
  5. ​A full practical guide to communication styles. 

​Free Course Sections

​Watch this video for an example selection from each module

​Each module will feed the next module to create a progressive unfolding of your creative awareness with regard to communication.




Paul walks his talk! In his past Paul hit the rock bottom of depression from being physically and emotionally bullied at school and home. Struggling with direction from low self esteem and anxiety, he went from job to job waking up with a dread of the day. Even though he had studied many personal development books on goals setting and achievement, very few actually made an impact leading to yet more frustration. 

From this he threw himself into a five years complete immersion study of the most successful people he could learn about from every walk of life, putting together a plan which he used on himself to completely turn his life around! The course you can now gain instant access to is the exact plan Paul used that has been adapted and refined over 15 years and professionally taught to thousands of student from all over the world.


Message from Paul Ryder...
​It is so important to learn effective communication with challenging people or life can become very difficult and energy draining. 

​My aim through this course is to guide and support you through the steps I went through to come to terms with the multitude of abusive people I met in my own past

  • You will commit time each day to practice
  • ​You are open minded to learning new strategies
  • ​Are ready to face your anxieties and move past them
  • You will keep going if things become challenging
  • You will keep testing and trying new ideas
  • You are committed to taking action!!!

It is not your past that defines is your attitude towards your future. To get results from this course you have to be committed and I have suggested in the past to a handful of people not to purchase the course as they have said they are not going to give it all they have, I'm not being rude...I'm be respectful as I do not want to waste anybody's time or money if they are not going to get results and change their life!

Only buy this course if your going to commit to it!


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Full Course
Complete course (6 modules)
24/7 lifetime access
All manuals 
​Live & Recorded Webinars


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