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Where are you?
​As an observer you will be quite new to the world of personal development and self awareness. You may be venturing into this through general curiosity or something may have happened in life where you want to make a change!

How it can feel...
It can often feel confusing or even overwhelming as there are many different branches of psychology and self study in the field today. Sometimes the confusion can lead to procrastination.

Where to start...
When beginning your journey there may be dogma from people who will claim that their way is the 'only' way. This is not are an individual and will need what's right for you. Time time to look around, ask yourself what it is that you want. Speak to as many people as possible and always go with your gut!

Some suggestions to start with
1. Download the how to discover what you want coaching programme - Step 2 below.
2. Subscribe to the Mind Islands You Tube Channel - Step 3 below


​​Where are you?
​Swimmers have been studying self awareness for a while. They have tested a few different areas and are often looking for more specific training than the pop psychology but are taking things at their own pace.

How it can feel...
Swimmers ​have built up pace where self awareness is a lifestyle choice and are hungry for more. It can sometimes feel like you are outgrowing people around you and are looking for new connections and mindsets.

​Next steps...
At this stage you are probably outgrowing your surroundings and feeling unsettled. Change can often have this effect and bring a feeling of 'not sure which way to go' To move on from this stage ask yourself the following...
​What do you want from your future? How committed are you and what are you prepared to sacrifice?

Some suggestions to start with
1. ​Take a look at the on-line course How to reach your goals CLICK HERE
2. ​Read the blog The risk of not taking action
​3. Discover how 1 to 1 coaching can help you in the direction or motivation that you are aiming for CLICK HERE


​Where are you?
​​Strong swimmers are pushing the limits of their mind and capabilities and have a deep drive and desire to be all they can be. Very often they will have read up on every area they can and need advanced training.

How it can feel...
Strong swimmers can often feel very frustrated given that they have a deep drive to become all they can but they are aware that something is missing as no matter how hard they push they still don't get the results they want.

Where to start...
​At this stage if you are not where you want to be it is essential that you get very specific coaching or training. 

Very often people who get stuck when they are pushing as hard as they can will have deeper trapped emotional issues or beliefs that require more than re frames or self talk.

1 to 1 coaching is most ideal at this level as it is efficient, focused and very specific. You can move at a very fast pace, however it can be uncomfortable and require discipline and complete dedication.
If you feel you are ready...get in touch and start the change CLICK HERE


​Watch This Video First...

​The how your mind creates fear video will show you vital information to show you how your mind creates limiting beliefs, self doubt and anxiety...but also how you can use the same process to create high level confidence and self esteem.

After the video then go through all the 7 steps  and if you have any questions along the way get in touch!  

​STEP 4: Which island is your mindset?

Traits of Island 1 mindset

  • ​Will often feel anxiety through the day (daily)
  • Will often blame other people
  • Will often doubt decisions
  • ​Can often feel drained from negative emotions
  • Life seems a struggle even though you work hard
  • A dependency upon stimulants / suppressants
  • Feelings of the impostor syndrome
  • Will spend a lot of time over thinking situations
  • May struggle to give quality time to people

Traits of Island 2 mindset

  • Wake up excited
  • ​Will see life as a challenge
  • Will take responsibility for situations
  • Chooses to avoid toxic people and situations
  • Will invest time for personal growth
  • Will  take care of physical health regularly
  • Enjoys being in the present but looks forward
  • Will seek solutions to challenging situations
  • Respects and values other people and cultures

​"It is your attitude that determines your future... not your current or past circumstances!"

STEP 5: ​Answer these important questions!

Q1: Do you feel frustrated in parts of your life? If yes, what are they? 

Q2: If somebody offered you financial freedom for the rest of your life if you could clearly and honestly tell them your five main (true) aims and goals in life in the next 20 seconds...would you get the money? 

Q3: Have you tried different styles of personal development over the years but find motivation comes and goes?

STEP 6: Discover Your Style...

​You are unique and if you do not already realise is essential to wake up to that FACT!
Your style of learning is personal to you, this is why it is important to invest your time in coaching and training programmes that are right for you.

Do you learn best in a group, on your own, do you like to devour information or stop and reflect, are you more creative or more logical or both?

Reflect on what works best for you and follow that path, or if your not sure...get in touch!

​STEP 7: Take action

1 to 1 Coaching

​You get ONE LIFE - so live it! 

Q: What is it you really want from life? How would life feel to have full control over your mindset, behaviours and focus? 

What life would you live if you were enjoying all the inner peace, confidence, self trust and self esteem you wanted? What would your life and relationships become?

Taking the first step may feel daunting ​so that is why structure is essential. Discover how you can be guided step by step through the whole process by clicking below! 

Training Courses

Life can be busy so if 1 to 1 coaching is not the right fit for you but you still want to gain access powerful structures and strategies that can bring you full self awareness to help you discover your true potential from self esteem, confidence, communication, overcoming phobias and many more then the online courses are a perfect fit!

Each course is designed to give you a full practical skill base that you can study in your own time and apply immediately!

Discover which courses are most beneficial to you​ by clicking below

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