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Are You ​Looking For Team Training
But Not Sure Whos Right For Your Team?

Q: ​Are you considering a trainer but not sure if they are right for your team?
Q: ​Are you unsure of what type of training is right to start with?

​Hiring a trainer for your business requires much more consideration than how much they cost. There is the time taken, are they right for your team and can they actually deliver results. 
In this taster session you can test drive a full 90 minute bespoke training session completely free of charge to a range of your team. Then if you feel it is right for you and your team request more, further plans can be arranged.


​PART #1

​Pre planning...

A relaxed discussion with the management or leadership teams to discuss the most important area that your team can benefit from.

From here we will put together a plan for the taster session specifically to your requirements.

​PART  #2


Here we will run the taster session to your team covering the specific requirements requested in the initial discussion. 

Practical techniques will often be given to the team which can be adapted to each team member.


​Follow up...

​​Upon successful completion of the initial taster session and team satisfaction, further steps can then be discussed if you require.

​Training ​ is completely bespoke and can be also be converted to a digital course for the whole team.




​As a keynote speaker for over 20 years, Paul is well versed in adapting to audiences from all backgrounds and styles. Initially starting as a health club manager running health awareness courses in business's, he has now progressed to emotional wellness and communication styles within the workplace. 

The workplace can be a rewarding or a challenging place depending upon the member of the team. It is important to work with a trainer who can speak to each team member on their own level but also as part of a group training session. 
Should further 1to1 sessions be required this option can be discussed after the initial strategy session. This will then allow each team member to work on a more personal level.


  • ​You are ​a team leader or business owner looking for emotional wellness training
  • ​Your team is open-minded to personal development training

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