How To Talk To An Aloof Personality

​Join the online academy here … The aloof personality when used as a social game or manipulation can be quite challenging as it is a complete rejection. Hiding the manipulation under the term of being busy is the often quoted phrase…but what if you get caught in the aloof personalities grip? Here are some …

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Can Narcissism Be Cured? Yes? No?

Can narcissisms be cured or is it an incurable disease? What is narcissism and how do you know if somebody is a narcissist? To call somebody a narcissist is a grave insult and will only create disconnection. The question also has to be asked, is the victim actually being the bully calling somebody a narcissist? In …

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I Would Rather Be Emotionally Beaten Up Than Ignored?

​Why do some people stay in toxic abusive relationships even though they are being attacked on a daily basis and it is ruining their life? In this video, I will share about a situation where a lady who had very low self-esteem actually felt more valuable by being attacked.

Are You Afraid To Fall In Love?

​Are you afraid of getting close to other people? Of Falling in love? Of being vulnerable? In this video we look at the deep pain underneath connection

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