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Build The Confidence & Self Esteem You Always Wanted! 

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One to one sessions can bring powerful leverage, but do you have any important questions you want to cover first?
Often people may ask, what is it I really want to achieve? What could get in the way? How long is the process? And what is covered in the sessions?

To set any concerns at ease, I have been through full therapy myself and now a therapist for over 10 years. Trust me, I can completely relate to how important it is to feel comfortable before starting.

On this page I will cover the areas most requested, for any further questions, feel free to get in touch directly and I will be happy to answer them for you.

How to turn self doubt into confidence...

1. If you could create anything into your life right now…what would it be? 

2. What habit or self-belief is stopping you from achieving this?

3. What could happen long term if you do not change this habit or belief?

4. What are all the benefits that you could have from achieving your outcome?

Let's get you started...

The truth of what is really stopping you...

The Biggest Lie In Coaching & Therapy World...

"Just think positive and push hard"....WRONG!!!

Your mind will never move towards pain!

Anxiety is a negative pre-projection of the future, if your mind thinks that your achievements may lead to any form of rejection, judgement or negative impacts then it will try to stop your progress!

If there is any anxiety attached to your future will only be fighting yourself!

The 3 different parts of the mind! 
In the video below I give you a full explanation of how the different parts of your mind will argue between themselves and cause anxiety. It is most often this which holds people back from reaching their true goals and aims. 

In our sessions, we will work together every step of the way to unlock and remove any emotional blockages which are holding you back...allowing you to be your authentic self!

"Sometimes it is just about getting out of our own way"

How To Fast Track Your Results

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Imagine Your Ideal Future...and loving every minute of it

What you need to work on or through...It's covered!

Focus & Direction

Become Unstoppable

Watch your motivation and drive become unstoppable by discovering what you really want in your heart and gut! Embrace step by step highly practical strategies that you can put into action in minutes!

Stress & Anxiety

Enjoy Inner Peace

Enjoy a peaceful mind free from drama so you can focus on the things the you want to do. Anxiety can often be the mind playing tricks, but simply trying to ignore it will never work. Stop the anxiety and stop the stress!

Conflict resolution

Create a Win-Win

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can create a win-win no matter how complicated the situation. Enjoy the feeling inside knowing that you can create that safe space for everybody, home, friends or work


Be Yourself - Express Yourself

Allow the authentic you to come through in all occasions feeling that deep sense of satisfaction. Watch as you naturally take on new challenges you once found daunting or avoided as your life grows to new heights! 


Be Your True Self And Be Seen

Whether friendships or romantic relationships...embrace the true depth of connection and be seen for who you truly are with your own tribe! Discover depth of yourself you never knew through the connection of others!

Letting go of the past

Dealing With Challenges

The past can sometimes feel a daunting place to visit, but only if it is like a dark room. Together we can turn on the light to past traumas or stress and all your mind to be free of the weight of old...permanently! 


Have a question?

Take a look at our most often requests...

 Q #1 - How much time will it take?

Q #2 - Will it be emotionally painful?

Q #3 - What if I get stuck?

Q #4 - Is it just positive thinking?

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